Button Orb UFO Sighting Texas February 3rd Yesterday

Here's the extraordinary video showing a button Orb which is a type of UFO that I've not seen in a while.

Fantastic UFO sighting over Texas yesterday 3rd February 2023 UFO button Orb.

Button Orb shaped UFO sighting over Texas USA 3rd February 2023.

Button shaped UFO Orb was only filmed yesterday which was Friday 3rd February 2023.

At one point every other UFO sighting was a button UFO which to be honest I thought these were saturating UFO sighting's and then all of a sudden, they stopped.

This one was only seen last night over Texas. I've just been contacted through Instagram and the person who is filming this, is the person that is sending me this UFO sighting, so people can see it.

I alway's encourage people to share their UFO sighting's because a lot of people are filming them. They are on the rise as a general not a specific type recently. If like me, you think UFOs are going to be leading onto bigger thing's like Extraterrestrial disclosure, your probably going to be proved correct.

UFO believer's have been proved right with UAP disclosure, so what's the natural next step?

It's got to be wherever these UAPs are coming from. Then it's going to be who's sending them. It might even go something like this:

After extensive research and transparency throughout the different agencies, they've been able to narrow down the likelihood of the UAPs coming from a particular part of space. Then it could be a specific cluster of planets, and then "thee" planet.

Okay, I can't tell the future but I wish I could believe that.

This UFO or button Orb was filmed over Texas just last night. The witness gave the place and said there was 3 of them but this particular UFO was the brightest one:

Hi we just saw this last night, we live in Texas, US. They were 3 actually. But that one, was the brightest. This is the third time I saw them, but the first time I got them on video.

Eye witness  

It's alway's said that these UFOs must go somewhere and because the US Government has got this planet under constant satellite surveillance, they could if they wanted to actually learn where any given thing was and literally just rewind the tapes so-to-speak. They could use Starlink to coordinate where everything, everyone is on the planet right up to real time!

Look, it's just a case of utilising what's already available. There's a literal "star link satellite net or network around the world." A small camera fitted to or inside of the satellites is just a case of putting them inside the satellites before they are placed into their own orbit around the world.

Me personally I believe that it's already done. It's not a stretch of the imagination because it's literally just a case of putting a camera with the WiFi satellites. It's not a hard thing to do at all. Unless for legal reasons they couldn't put any camera's inside of them, but the very people who wrote the laws, would be behind putting them in, so it's not a problem legally, it can't be.

Google has Earth and Map apps etc so why can't a real time surveillance system be up and running and able to trace footsteps and pinpoint anyone or anything on Earth in real time?

Anyway, they probably already know where UFOs go to wind down or recharge their Alien batteries. Because the ISS has been up there for years filming everything.  The ISS live feed cameras probably have a very good zoom. There can't be any reasons as to why a live camera system from thousands of satellites around the earth can't be showing constant real time footage, can there.

What do you think of the video below:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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