Recent 2023 UFO Sighting's Footage And Why We Couldn't Detect UFOs Till Now

Recent 2023 UFO Sighting's Footage And Why We Couldn't Detect UFOs Till Now

I'm going to be posting some amazing UFO sighting's and other spectacular UFO, Alien and conspiracy related content.

Strange lives on in this world, UFOs are probably at the top. My UFO Sighting's blog is going capture all that and more.

Look, just remember that when we send out satellites or probes to collect information, we don't put humans onboard. When we send Rover's to Mars we don't have humans onboard. Voyager 1 and 2 do not have humans onboard "but every single one" is operated by humans! Voyager 1 is 14.6 (probably more now) away from Earth and we're still communicating with it.

Video of Senator John Kennedy interview:

We're still turning it around when needed, we're still sending and recieving updates, and we're going to turn on it's camera. We turned it off to conserve energy. It's got another 10 year's to go before we can't communicate with it.

That's all based on 1977 satellite technology for heaven's sake!

So, yes Extraterrestrial entities can definitely be operating probes here on Earth and they can do it with 1977 technology, that's insane. So don't be fooled when certain individuals say that it's to technologically advanced of a challenge for any being's to have UFOs here.

That's hogswash!

Here is a fantastic UFO sighting from 1967. If it's real or not, well I'll let you be the judge on that one.

A UFO was descending over Milledgeville, Georgia, on October 22, 1967.

An alleged UFO seen from a farm near McMinnville, Oregon, 1950. Source: Science History Images/Alamy

Here's the extraordinary evidence as it's presented, it's a truly wonderful UFO sighting. History knows this and has this information with it; as dusk was descending over Milledgeville, Georgia, on October 22, 1967, an unknown photographer took this picture of an apparently high-towered UFO.

2023 has seen a UFO invasion.

Recently I've been inundated with UFO report's of amazing craft's in our atmosphere, sighting's that are happening around the world right now.

What's going on with the planet, more to the point why was we brought to the brink of full disclosure only to be pushed back right at the last minute? It actually feels really mean!

I definitely thought that this was it, I thought that the waiting was over for Extraterrestrial disclosure. But I should have known that it was a spectacular ploy, a cynical ploy to get the world excited about Alien's and UFOs only for them to go full lock down on all information right at the last minute.

Glorification of the Eucharist hundreds of years old UFO with antennas.

Glorification of Eucharist" which was painted in the late 1600's by Ventura Salimbeni. This is absolutely without any doubt a UFO with antennas! Yes I'm totally aware of the normal misidentified explanation which includes the Orb bottom left of the globe. looking thing is referred to as “Sputnik” of Montalcino.

We now know, that there's a definite nefarious goings-on behind the scenes that is against the full disclosure. It has to be because it was so cruel to announce that a Cylindrical shape UFO has been shot down with no visible means of propulsion systems. The Chinese balloon was in water, it was recovered. The Yukon Canada Cylindrical UFO was shot down over frozen ice! But they couldn't recover it. That's an upside down process.

And the cover started because then all recovery efforts was called off due to weather conditions. All 3 just so happened to have the exact same reason for calling it off. What's the chances of that happening? So, the cover up continues and according to Senator John Kennedy these UFOs (unknown objects) have been flying slowly over North America for year's.

I say slowly because that's how these object's evaded the radar's and could carry out manouvers with impunity. That's why a lot of UFO sighting's showed UFOs hovering or slowly flying across the sky. They was evading radar's.

When the military was contacted in the past to ask if they saw anything "that's why they said no" because it's only now in 2023 that we're learning about their instruments couldn't even detect them. We just assumed that they could detect UFOs! We now know through the United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin that they couldn't detect a pint of beer in a pub! And I'm being very restrained in my choice of word's because it's so frustrating to think that we just assumed that they could detectvthem.

All the UFOs in the past "all need revisiting" because the US military couldn't detect them as their instruments were not calibrated for them. That's just been announced. We need to go back and see it all through new eye's!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

This UFO free for all shoot up of 2023 has changed everything that we thought we knew about UFOs. Yes it's nice that we've got a silver UAP over an active military zone but what we really need is answers to why the North American air defences couldn't detect anything? We know that the instruments used to cover North America have recently had an upgrade, to include slow moving object's (US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin) stated. We can detect all manner of object's which according to Senator John Kennedy have been here for year's. I'm adding the video of the interview below.

Reading between the lines.

How did he know that they've been here for year's? The US security services must have known about them. Which begs the question, why have they just started shooting them down? What's changed in their relationship with going from "allowing the slow moving object's to fly" to now shooting them down?

If they've really known about them for year's, they obviously did have a no shoot policy

We've been treated to a stunning spectacular UFO invasion (Euronews February 2023) that's exactly what they called it.

There's never been anything quite like this last one month on record ever to have taken place at any time in history. We're living in historic times especially with war's raging, the most brutal Earthquake ever recorded in history.

A UFO invasion right after a world-wide pandemic with untold misery and death. People have been locked up at home for a few years on lock down!

Guy's, I kid you not, if someone was to write down just the last five year's worth of UFO events in a book, and if it somehow was sent through time to say 1990, it'd be laughed at, ridiculed as too fantastically over the top! But we're actually living it.

Senator John Kennedy news interview video is above now.

It's an eye opening video with details that 10 year's he probably could never have been allowed to say in public, so maybe something in the background is changing regarding UAP disclosure, but actual Extraterrestrial disclosure is still being covered up. He definitely hinted that they exist and are here. It's his open interpretation which is the most revealing if you ask me. Or should I say, read between the lines!

It's unbelievable, not based in any reality and that's just the official stance. Behind the scenes on coffee break it'd be "did you see that book that he wanted us to publish? I know, right. Way to idiotic and stupid, even for us to publish."

It's been none stop, one, once in a lifetime event after the other. There's been no let up, no warning, nothing has gone right for the world. Unless you take Into account Ufology and the disclosure, nothings gone right.

Here's the extraordinary UFO Orb sighting from over Oslo 26th February 2023.

Here's a fantastic UFO sighting from Oslo 26th of february, 2023:

The above video was just sent to my Instagram page and it's definitely a UFO Orb sighting just from yesterday, 26th February 2023 over Oslo.

It's got to be upwards from here right, it's got to get better.

Credit: Carla Harte/Science History Images/Allamy/Google Search/UFO Sightings/Canva.

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