UFO Sighting's Round Up From The Last Few Month's

UFO Sighting's Round Up From The Last Few Month's

I'm alway's staggered when people decide to send me their UFO sighting, because I know how much it takes to admit out loud that you've caught a UFO on camera.
It doesn't seem like a big deal, until you actually film a UFO and then you realise that you've got a responsibility to report it.

Share your UFO sightings including videos and photos with me.

If you've had a UFO sighting and would like to share it, don't want to do it yourself. Share it with me so that I can share it with the world, please message me and I'll gladly review it.

Stigmas are changing

Vision's of ridicule and being the butt of endless tinfoil hat jokes are probably going round your mind. But don't worry the stigma is changing, it's my impression that this type of stereotyping is becoming a thing of the past. It's a truly harsh thing for some people to be on the recieving end of ridicule and just for filming a UFO!

Sharing your UFO sighting

Thousands of people are witnessing strange event's in the sky. You can send your sighting(s) to myself and I can post it for the world to see. You don't need to put your name to the sighting or event etc because remaining anonymous is alway's an option. There's aerial object's being witnessed every single day with some people filming these anomalous object's and wondering where to report them? I'll be honest with you, MUFON's not my first port of call but if you want to report it to MUFON then go ahead.

If you do report it to MUFON most people will never see it. Because it goes there and it's instantly put behind a paywall!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

UFO sighting illustrated representation of a typical UFO sighting.

If you use the search bar on the site, it bring's up just a few handpicked stories which aren't exactly sightings but old stories like Eisenhower or did NASA employ 24 theologians? It's press releases, that sort of thing.

Do what you feel is right

Personally I don't believe that people should "have to pay" to research UFO sightings's especially at the very place where it's touted as freedom of information which drives their disclosure!

It's hypocrisy

MUFON pays for froodom of information requests, but then charges you to see it. The Government gives it to MUFON and MUFON charge's people to see it. That is not cool. It's holding back disclosure for money. Even though it's touted as a non profit.

MUFON should be a free service. People report UFOs there for free, so they should be free to research UFOs. Especially considering it's a volunteer led charity.

Already today there's probably been over a hundred UFO event's around the world? That's a rough estimate and it's very reserved, there's probably a lot more than that because the USA alone has a lot of daily UFO sighting's. Some people are frightened of reporting a UFO sighting, so it get's either deleted or forgotten about. It's messed up I know but that's just how it is.

The U.S. has now collected 510 reports of unidentified flying objects, many of which are flying in sensitive military airspace. While there's no evidence of extraterrestrials, they still pose a threat, the government said in a declassified report summary. January 15 2023.

Voa News 

But Ufology is getting better

This website/blog, UFO Sightings is a new UFO website blog that I'm hoping to develop a lot more in the very near future. It's a truly fantastic layout, I designed some of it myself, but I worked from a template because of the obvious benefits. Guy's, if your interested in Ufology and want to write either for me, or you want to write about UFOs for yourself I totally recommend using Blogger for hosting and buy a decent template which there are free versions out there that you can then transform into your own fantastic UFO blog.

Writing about UFOs

Why use a ready made template from a reputable designer, because it's the back end SEO, loading times, everything's responsive and lightweight. All of the html, iframes and tag's etc it's all taken care of, the responsiveness, SEO, lazy loading, canonical URL, auto translate etc it's all taken care of.

It's up to you now

I'm not recommending any at all. You'll find one, I'm just telling you why it's a fantastic choice to go that particular route. But, you'll definitely find a good template if your serious about writing about UFOs. Good luck.

My thoughts are "post the UFO sighting that you filmed or photographed to a social media platform that way you've reported it to the world yourself.

You guys alway's make the world a lot more interesting and because of your invaluable awareness, people are learning about UFOs in the Earth's atmosphere more than ever before.

Credit: UFO Sightings.

Please share this post with the world, let's get Ufology into everyone's hands, thanks.

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