Set Of Strange Orange Glowing UFOs Over Fair Oaks California US

Here's an interesting video showing at least 7 orange-coloured UFO Orbs that were filmed in California near an RV park.

There are a lot of UFO Orbs filmed around the world. Some are better than others though.

A large formation of UFOs over Fair Oaks in California, US 2017.

This formation has at least 9 UFOs within the formation crossing the US.

Place it happened.

It's a clear night in the middle of California right near a large built-up area and an eye witness noticed something strange in the sky.

Video from YouTube.

Ive put both videos into one video and uploaded it to YouTube because the Blogger native video's wasn't showing up properly in the live post.

These are spectacular UFO sightings. Filmed at different parts of Fair Oaks California USA in 2017.

There are 7 orange UFO orbs which are hovering near an RV park in the area, it looks north of the witness. The eyewitness quickly grabbed their camera and began to film these mysterious objects.

My thoughts.

They're not flares, they can't be because they're way too close to a known place where people are bound to see them and they're too low to the ground hovering. That's 2 separate reasons why these aren't military flares. Oh and there's no telltale smoke rising above the "Orbs" so it's not flares in my book.

It's the middle of the night, the beings if any are there and that are behind the scenes that we can't see, what are they up to? What are their reasons for been there in that place right then? What's so important about this spot? Why here, why right there in the middle of nowhere? Is it because of the lack of military bases? Is it the lack of tall buildings? Maybe because it's the lack of lot's of traffic? Lack of other aircraft's, lack of CCTV or any of the usual stuff we find in built-up areas?

There has to be a reason for these been there?

We can see six UFOs in the image here over Fair Oaks, California US in 2017.

In this image from the second video we see only 6 UFO Orbs.

What's their purpose?

There's a bucket load of reasons why this place is a perfect spot for these UFOs? So, when I see UFOs picking the same places that humans go to it makes me wonder if it's s nefarious goings-on, it gets me thinking that UFOs might be up to no good.

It's a bit worrying...

Where did they go?

Where did they fly off to after they were finished in that area? Did they fly off in the same direction that they came? It's good that they left the area.

UFO Sighting in Fair Oaks, CA (USA) on Dec 18th 2017. 7 plus UFOs caught on camera from a moving car.

The mysterious orange orbs haven't been identified as yet and their purpose is still unknown. Were they searching for something? Were they just passing through? It is impossible to know for sure. What is certain is that the witness was lucky enough to capture the UFOs on film and share their experience with the world.

It's always great when people share their thoughts on these awesome UFO videos.

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Credit: UFO Hunters 2058 YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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