Purple UFO With A White Light In The Centre Of It

UFO sighting with a bizarre looking shape hovering and manouvering in a bizarre manner in purple and a white centre.

The strangest UFO sighting over Ventura CA USA.

It's been filmed through binoculars which must be very difficult so for the eye witness to even get a video of this is fantastic.


It must have been a fair distance from where the witness was observing it. It's almost certainly because of the colour and the white light being emitted from it's centre as to why the witness could see it that far away? He did send a detailed analysis of what he was seeing and to go above and beyond 

Witness statement:

I couldn’t get a solid video through the binoculars but when I looked through them I saw this object that seemed to be changing shape. It was purple but the center of it was white from some sort of light source. It was going around above the city moving high and low and making slow zig zags. I was surprised when I kept looking and saw it move down to the city and when it did so, it was starting to become almost transparent as if it were cloaking itself as it got lower. Eventually lost track of it when it got below a tree line but it’s nothing like I’ve seen before. I’m always checking out the sky and observing any little thing up even if it’s a plane, and this was super surprising.

March 7th at 12:15 pm Pacific time. Ventura, California.


It was more of a flattened looking object and when I said zig zags I meant it was going back and forth in different directions including up and down. At one point it actually went really high up compared to where it was.


It's a great UFO sighting which I think deserves to be seen and investigated based on the video but also the eye witness testimony. What do you think about this should it be investigated or do you know of another UFO sighting that should be looked into first? Let me know what you think about this and any UFO sighting you think deserves to be investigated, thank you.

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Credit: benpaceart Instagram//UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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