4 UFOs In Formation Over Witnesses Home

In 2020, a woman and a man witnessed the appearance of four UFOs flying in formation over their home in the US.

Formation of UFO Orbs caught in camera flying in formation in 2020 USA.

4 UFOs in formation filmed flying over people's homes in the USA 2020.

Source: Instagram.

The sighting occurred in the middle of the night with a clear sky, allowing for easy filming. The UFOs were visible and there were no clouds in the sky.


It remains a strange sighting with it being either a single UFO with 4 light's on it (for whatever reason) or it's 4 UFOs in what can only be described as a formation.

- 4 UFOs were seen flying in formation over the witness' home in the middle of the night.

- Clear sky with no clouds, making it easy to see and film the UFOs.

- No information is available about the sighting except that it occurred over the USA (probably).

- At least 2 witnesses to the sighting, one woman and one man filming.

- Occurred in 2020.

Despite the clear sighting though, there is no information available about the UFOs or their origin whatsoever from anywhere. The two witnesses are the only known individuals to have seen the UFOs as nobody else has sent me the same UFO sighting from another angle or anyone else that I can find out hasn't posted about it.

The sighting of the four UFOs flying in formation over the USA in 2020 remains a mystery with no further information available.

In conclusion, a UFO sighting like this one being so bright should be seen by a lot of people and filmed by other people but it wasn't. It remains a mystery and a UFO sighting until it's proved otherwise.

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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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