Flying Disk Blatantly Flying During Daytime Victorville California

This flying disk or Saucer shape craft doesn't belong in the sky because it's got no propulsion system, no wings or thrusters and it's not a glider.

A disk over Victorville in California US May 5th 2023.

Image J. Murphey/UFO Sightings

Even drones have propeller's and RC scaled down aerial vehicles have some sort of propulsion systems incorporated into their designs especially when it's this size.


Admittedly it's difficult to assess it's actual size but it's not small.

Eye witness statement:

I do wanna state I never payed attention to ufos or anything until a few weeks ago, the videos I’m sending you now are from 05/03/2023. I’ve got more videos but things usually occur at night which has been giving me less compelling videos, but I’ve been seeing these in my town and they aren’t always this shape but have the same consistent shine, some have moved and such incredible speed I couldn’t even whip my phone out fast enough to get, but for the last three night they’ve been none stop in my sky and no one notices… I’ve been getting new videos almost daily and I’ll be glad to send you more if you think it’s anything worth your while. It looks small in the videos but it was close I would say it’s been about roofs in my neighborhood and there’s no noise and it’s smaller than a Prius. Plus I’ll see anywhere between 10-35 of them at night never during the day though. During the day I might catch a couple but they’re usually moving too fast. And they haven’t all been the bean or cigar shape either. I have seen some that look more round or disk shaped.


  • Recently, a man from Victorville, California has been witnessing frequent sightings of UFOs in his hometown.
  • He has been unable to capture some of these sightings on camera due to their incredible speed.
  • He has shared numerous videos and photos of these UFOs with me, most of which were taken on May 3rd, 2023.

The videos and photos sent by the man from Victorville show a high number of UFO sightings in the area that's without doubt. Despite his inability to capture all of them on camera, the footage he has shared is quite compelling. It's clear that the man is now dedicated to documenting these sightings and sharing them with others it seems. I'll admit it's been a very difficult task sorting through the sightings and the times, dates which changed but I believe we've got there.

It's certainly been challenging because of the many UFOs and unusual phenomena being caught on camera and subsequent documenting of it which is a lot. Is Victorville in California seeing an increase in UFO sightings where you are?


Overall, the man's experiences in Victorville are quite intriguing. It's unclear what these UFOs could be and what the phenomena is, but his footage raises many questions. It will be interesting to see if others in the area have similar experiences and if any further information can be gathered about these sightings.

Thank you for sharing your experience with UFO Sightings it's appreciated. Please make sure that you check back often for further details and updates. And also if you've got any thoughts on this post or if you've got any UFO sighting's yourself please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers and please don't forget to share this post, thank you.

Credit: J. Murphey/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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