UFO Over Sedona Arizona Changes Shape And Colour

The eyewitness that filmed this UFO sighting has been able to film many UFO events over the years.

Bizarre UFO caught changing shape and colour Sedona Arizona 2022.

This particular UFO sighting happened over Bell Rock Sedona Arizona USA on 6th July 2022 at 8:35 pm.


UFO hovering over Bell Rock Sedona in Arizona that was filmed by the witness. The witness has filmed hundreds more over the years. And lucky for me, I was sent a few through Instagram DMs. This isn't the first time they've been able to film the UFOs that they've been seeing and it's one of the most memorable.

Witness statement

I was just out chillin with my other starseed friend. We were in the parking lot looking for UFOs. We saw spirit things, figures, shadow people, but I was mostly interested in the UFOs. They seem to put on shows for me all the time. I was at Bell Rock in Sedona. Honestly I see them all the time. I have about 1300 videos and pics in my phone. I take them during the day and night. This was probably around 9:00? I will check the recording. I have about 8 of these videos and my super cool ones are the videos where they go from regular to transparent, back to regular again. So neat!

Let me know if you want anymore pics, videos or something. Sometimes I ask them to come. This summer they told me not to ask anymore, but sometimes I do anyway just to be polite.


Over the years, the witness has been able to capture many UFO events on film. It's become somewhat of a hobby for her. But this particular sighting was different. The way the UFO moved was unlike anything they'd probably ever seen before. It was almost as if it was alive, pulsating with energy in a blue colour and changing shape right on camera which is why I'm writing about it now. UFOs don't change shape but this went from white to blue and green and changed it's entire shape on camera!


In my opinion, there's no denying that we're not alone in this universe and many people every day are coming around to the idea as well. The evidence is right there in front of us in the sky being filmed all the time by thousands upon thousands of people every single day, month and year, and it's up to us to open our minds and accept it. Who knows what other mysteries are out there waiting to be discovered? All I know is that I'll be keeping my camera close by, ready for the next sighting as I've never actually seen one.

I'm also hoping that Voyager 1 will find Alien Life which is the one with the golden record (Sounds of the Earth) sent into space in September of 1977 I think it was the 9th.

The last time I checked it was 14.6 billion miles away and the TV had been turned off a long time before that to conserve energy. They knew that it would be turned back on one day. That day has come apparently and it's gonna be turned back on... Yes, we can control satellites from 1977 which are 14.6 billion miles away and we still regularly communicate with it.

Mind-blowing to think that a laptop, server and sophisticated technology that's state of the art now is connected to a 1977 satellite (probe) and we can still control it all that far away. This means that Extraterrestrials hiding at 14.6 billion miles away (in interstellar space) can remotely control UFOs on Earth with no problem! It stands to reason, doesn't it?

Voyager 1 went into Interstellar space in August 2012.

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Credit: Divinesoulsawaken Instagram/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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