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UFO Sighting's is exactly what it says on the lid, I'm constantly writing about UFOs, posting videos and photos plus testimonials from eye witnesses.

You'll have access to:

All the latest UFO videos

Latest, best UFO photos

Best UFO testimonials

Latest and best releases

There's always something new happening in the world and people are constantly rewriting history because these UFO sightings are real.

UFO Sighting's is a part of the UFO Sighting's Footage and UFOs Footage empire. With over 10K news articles written about ancient Aliens, ancient UFO sightings and modern day, contemporary UFO sightings. There's not a lot that we haven't looked into and researched at one time or another. Ufology is a passion, it's also a self taught knowledge base that is a privilege to share it with you, the public.

"My efforts haven't gone unnoticed and it was an honour to be voted by the public in the UK as number 1 UFO website in the UK for 3 years running on Feedspot."

You will have access to a huge archive of UFO videos, UFO photo's and unique artwork by Lee Lewis UFO researcher and as many UFO blog post's with unique UFO Sighting's as you can read.

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